We have zero bones to pick with his artistic talent.

We’ve seen before that there’s lots you can do with KFC chicken bones after you’ve finished devouring all the delicious chicken meat, but one thing we never considered using them for is building a giant, skeleton monster.

And that’s exactly what Japanese Twitter “bone artist” and bone-lover @honeoyaji recently did, constructing a bone-chilling replica of Godzilla’s King Ghidorah:

“Someone who asked if I could make a skeleton out of KFC bones wanted me to make King Ghidorah, so I did.”

▼ “Hey right-head! And left-head!”
“Yes middle-head?”
“Why are three heads better than one?”
“We dunno, why?”
“Because you never get bone-ly!”
“…that is not humerus.”


▼ Remember, this thing is made entirely out of KFC bones.
Somehow, greasy chicken leftovers have been turned into art!


▼ The final tally of how much KFC it took to create this masterpiece.
And don’t worry, none of it was wasted; all the chicken was happily eaten.


It turns out that @honeoyaji is a professional bone artist, and the creation of the KFC King Ghidorah skeleton was requested by a TV station. He’s made a skele-ton of other bone sculptures, and here’s a small sampling of some:

▼ A skeleton chameleon that looks just as alive as if it had skin.


▼ A skeleton Sky Tree made just for fun
out of the leftover KFC bones from King Ghidorah.

▼ And the curvy, alien-like skeleton of a boa constrictor.


If you want to keep up with all of @honeoyaji’s latest bone creations, be sure to give him a follow on Twitter. It’s the perfect way to bone up on your animal anatomy.

And if you want to see what’s under the skin of some of your favorite fictional characters, then check these out. If you don’t have the guts to do it though, we don’t blame you.

Source/images: Twitter/@honeoyaji