We take a look back at a compilation of photos from Japanese net users of some of the most adorable and unexpected places cats have been caught napping over the years.

By now, we all know that cat-related media constitutes a pretty significant chunk of the digital content floating around on the internet. We all enjoy seeing the little furballs doing their thing, and entire sites exist for the sole purpose of generating well-curated, seemingly limitless lists of cat images and videos.

Though we admit we can never hope to rival that level of feline-fandom, like many others, we do enjoy a good series of cute cat photos. So sit back and feel your stress melt away as we present you a parade of some of the cutest cats you’ve hopefully seen today.

▼Author’s own cat, “Mu,” sprawled out in an alluring pose


With today’s retrospective, we offer a look back at some of the cutest, and at times baffling, images of sleeping cats captured by Japanese netizens in recent years.

The first, I call, “The Gymnast”. This image shows a cute white little cat hanging precariously from a laundry drying rack during a nap. The bars pressing against its body cause its round, adorable stomach to protrude slightly, while its legs hang limply in space. Meanwhile, its tail is daintily draped across another bar.

▼Something tells me this can’t be comfortable.

The next image in this series shows a cat protruding from the exhaust pipe of a car.  While this little fella seems to be sleeping soundly, this position concerns us slightly. Let’s hope it has the good sense to leave before the car turns on!

▼A cuter way to control carbon emissions!

Now this next cat might just qualify as my personal favorite on this list. The user explains that they were using this bamboo-shoot to enjoy some nagashi soumen, or flowing noodles. This common summer refreshment allows people to enjoy cold noodles as they travel down a tube filled with water. Instead of noodles, though, this guy seems to have ended up with an adorable kitty.

▼Again, these all just seem so precarious!


Then there’s this adorable kitty who decided to take a nap on a toilet in a women’s restroom at the Dangozama Service Area! Apparently this one sleeping cat was holding up the line for everyone else — but who would want to be the one to wake it up anyway?

This next one requires no explanation, I think. Just imagining the series of circumstances that led to this scene is enough to amuse me. Suffice it to say I’d prefer this to sitting next to a profusely sweating businessman.

▼Sadly, most commutes in Japan don’t include ride-sharing service with cats.

On that note, I think it’s time to conclude this retrospective. My real life cat has apparently broken into the catnip supplies.

Source: Matome Naver
Top image: Twitter/素敵なレディ♡