From far away it looks like a simple drawing on paper, so you might never guess how it’s actually made.

Plenty of artists have shown the capacity to draw beautiful pictures or take stunning photographs, but we are always impressed when an artist takes an odd material and turns it into something remarkable. Take art student @tdaiki1216 for example, who bends and shapes wire into all sorts of interesting displays. Recently, on his Twitter, he’s been sharing wire art that has been bent to look like simple drawings.

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By displaying them on wood blocks in front of a white background, these wire art sculptures look like 2-D drawings on a piece of paper!

While @tdaiki1216 works in a wide range of artistic mediums, he has created wire sculptures before. Back in August he shared an Evangelion Unit 13 piece that was on display with his Twitter followers.

Looking at the detail, it is clear how much time and effort must be put into each work. Just thinking about having to bend that much wire back and forth makes our hands ache. Be sure to follow @tdaiki1216’s Twitter account if you want to be up to date on all the wire-defying acts of art. We promise that it won’t leave you hanging.

Source: CuRAZY
Featured image: Twitter/@tdaiki1216