Instead of chasing the toy’s battery-operated feathered wand, this cat lies back and enjoys the way it flicks its body instead.

Cats won’t do anything they don’t want to do, and when it comes to playing with an item bought especially for them by their doting human, you’ll probably find them off enjoying a random cardboard box instead. This cat from Japan shows just how quickly a kitty can turn their nose up at a new toy, even one as popular as the battery-operated “Catch Me If You Can 2”, as the owner, manga artist and Twitter user @isizisi, says their unexcited pet grew tired of the toy shortly after it appeared, and instead of grabbing at the rotating wand like an ordinary cat, it lay on its back and simply enjoyed the random flicking movement on its body instead.

Since the cute video was posted online, it received thousands of likes and retweets, with fellow Twitter users amused by the cat’s reaction to the toy.

“As an owner, I know how this feels!”
“The cat’s non-caring face is an absolute classic”
“What a chill kitty!”
“Yep – this is the true nature of cats!”
“We have this same toy! Thankfully, our cat is still playing with it.”

One Twitter user even posted a video of their own white cat having a similar reaction to the toy.

While the toy remains a popular product, with plenty of positive reviews online, it appears that some cats simply think they’re too dignified to chase after an electronic feather. Going by the way @isizisi‘s cat refuses to join in other games, it appears the owner still has a way to go before finding the perfect activity for the adorably fickle feline!

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@isizisi