Final Fantasy XV still hasn’t been released, but its heroes were out and about all over the Tokyo Game Show.

You’ll spot plenty of attractive people at the Tokyo Game Show, as its common practice for presenters to hire beautiful models to beckon passersby to take a look at their booths. This year, though, an inordinary number of the fans in attendance appear to have smooth skin, fine features, and flawlessly styled hair.

No, it’s not because the rise of free-to-play mobile titles has left more of gamers’ budgets available for facial lotion and hair product. Instead, you can thank software developer Square Enix for the mass makeover, as the company has been handing out masks of the quartet of handsome young men who serve as the core cast for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

The most popular version seems to be the one bearing the visage of Noctis, the game’s young prince and protagonist. While there’s something inherently silly about the dress-up swag, some snapshots of it being worn are surprisingly convincing, especially since Noctis’ standard costume is heavily influenced by contemporary Japanese casual fashion trends.

▼ Armed with his Noctis mask and two fans of play money, this guy is looking both rich and handsome.

Instead of Noctis’ pop-idol looks, some attendees chose to slip on the pro-athlete-who-also-could-endorse-cologne-or-luxury-watches-style face of fellow adventurer Gladiolus.

Of course, with fans in the middle of an excruciatingly long wait for Final Fantasy XV to finally get released, some may be wondering, if Square Enix has enough time to be making these trinkets, why doesn’t it hurry and finish making the game already? But even if that’s your sentiment, you can still find a use for the masks…

…by stuffing them in a bag like a severed head as you indulge your Final Fantasy murder fantasies.

Sources: Otakomu, Jin

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