Get inspired for creative style tips as the characters are brought to life in this collection of Pokémon Boys!

If you’re after a Pokémon Halloween costume or some tips for bringing your favourite character into your wardrobe, this illustrated collection from Taiwanese freelance illustrator Mr. Paul is a great source of ideas. Called the “Pokémon Boys”, this art series turns well-known Pokémon from the series into real-life, everyday human characters, with the help of some clever outfits and well-thought out styling choices.

At the start of the collection is Farfetch’d, sporting a couple of dark, pointy eyebrows, grey-toned clothes and yellow trainers. With a bag of green onions at the ready, this boy looks like he’s come straight from the local fresh food market.

Another region-exclusive character, Europe’s Mr. Mime, translates well into human form, with a pair of blue shoes, white gloves, a pink polkadot shirt and a French-style beret.

Kabuto’s human form covers up in a tan hat and coat with dark basics beneath, along with some rose-coloured lenses. A black mask adds an extra dash of mystery to the look.

Goldeen comes to life as a goldfish-holding festival-goer, with a white outfit and orange-tinged happi-style kimono jacket.

▼ The Golbat Pokémon Boy comes dressed in a skintight wingsuit.

▼ While this one channels Metapod in what appears to be a sleeping bag!

Some fluffy clawed slippers and a blue-and-white outfit form the basis for Snorlax, along with a smiling T-shirt.

Bulbasaur grows into a man with green shorts, red shoes and leaf-shaped accessories.

▼ Gengar looks dashing in a simple dark purple cape and boots.

▼ While Pidgeot walks around on land in a roomy, wing-like poncho.

Squirtle keeps things hilariously simple as a beach boy with a backpack shaped like a turtle shell.

▼ Golem wraps up in a huge oversized, lumpy pocket-filled jacket.

Jynx turns heads as a blonde-haired man in a long purple jacket and long red shorts.

And Jigglypuff retains all its original charm as a human with aqua-coloured eyes and hair.

To see more creative images from the Pokémon Boys collection, including Tangela and Magikarp in human form, be sure to check out the talented artist’s Instagram account. With more new characters still being added to the art series, you never know who you might meet when you stop by!

Source: Design Taxi
Top Image: Instagram/mr.paul_tw