Pro-tip! If you are a Korean-spaker looking for non-sexual images on Google, search in English.

We aren’t really sure how it works, but Google image search is really handy. It’s a big help in those situations where you don’t know what something is and prefer to have a visual reference then a written one. It’s also pretty helpful for foreign food because you can search for the name and have a look at the dish. How words are associated with pictures is hard to tell because people post photos all the time and often without titles or hashtags to identify what is in the picture. So we have to assume Google has a fancy algorithm that can analyze the pixels in order to determine what it is. Your results may vary, but there are some searches when we find exactly what we want, and other searches that leave us scratching our heads.

Sometimes what you end up seeing has little to do with the words that you use but rather the language you are searching in. If you happen to be looking for pictures using the Korean language, you might find that your searches bring up a whole bunch of pictures that are a lot “sexier” than if you used an English word.

▼ Aw, how innocent and cute.


▼ Technically the Korean says, “younger sister”, but that might make this even worse…


▼ A number of normal pictures of streets.


▼ Well, the women ARE on the street…


What if you actually need a picture of a street? Do you have to specify that you are looking for a non-bootylicious street with your search string? Maybe, “normal street” or “street no girls” would work in Korean. However, this isn’t even the most puzzling one. The search with the widest variation in results has to be the search for “white horse”.

▼ What majestic creatures! What could the Korean translation have in store for us?


▼ Why, Google, why?!?


Turns out that if you search for a commonly-used slang phrase “백마” in Hangul, you’ll find pictures of white women instead of a white horse. This is because that phrase is often used to mean “having sex with a white woman”. If you used Google Translate to get a translated version of “white horse” you’d actually get “흰 말” which does in fact give you white horses.

▼  That’s like typing in “whale” and seeing images of rich gamers paying a lot of money to win at cell phone games.


We are sure there are more funny juxtapositions out there in plenty of different languages, so be sure to share some with us in the comments below.

Source: Nate Pann
Images: ©RocketNews24