K-pop star Chou Tzuyu pulled off one of the most stunning hairflips you’ll see all month.

Chou Tsuyu, a singer and dancer for the K-Pop group Twice, produced a moment of magic while competing in a sporting program on Korean TV. Anyone aspiring for an elegant hairflip may use this GIF as a reference!

▼ Twitter user nallie posted the moment in a glorious slow-motion GIF.

Tzuyu, the youngest and so-called “face” of the Twice k-pop group, shot the arrow at the annual Idol Star Athletics Championships, a Korean TV show. The arrow ended up scoring zero points but the Internet thinks it was well worth the sacrifice – you just don’t see slow-motion hairflips by shooting arrow all that often.

Nallie’s GIF has now been retweeted over 39,000 times and it’s not hard to see why.

Some have tried to recreate Tzuyu’s moment of majesty with their own bow and arrow. Here is Twitter user and YouTube science personality Kyle Hill giving it a crack:

Internet commenters seemed to really enjoy the hair flip!

“Now thats a hairflip with style”
“I think we now know who to cast whenever we decide to do a remake of The Hunger Games.”
“I’m kind of torn, it looks amazing but part of me can’t stop worrying about what if her hair actually snagged on the string.”

Tsuyu was born in Taiwan and joined the Twice group as one of the nine members when it debuted in October 2015.

▼ Taiwanese born Chou Tzuyu


You can watch one of Twice’s hits, “Like OOH-AHH”, here:

Tsuyu may not be so accurate with her shooting but she sure knows how to make it look good.

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Images: Twitter/@TWICETW1CE, Wikipedia/Yankey