Now you can share photos with your parents without worrying about anything…unexpected popping up.

We all have compromising photos saved on our phones, right? Maybe you have some illustrations of your favorite anime characters, photos of your current idol group obsession, or even some naughty “boys love” fan art tucked away next to pictures of your last vacation. You could just try to keep your phone to yourself, but you always run the risk of that one inconsiderate acquaintance helping themselves to your phone while your back is turned. Or sometimes there’s that picture we just have to show someone, and you run the risk of those private photos showing up when you open the album.

And if you’re a fujoshi, a Japanese term that refers to a girl who enjoys male-on-male homoerotic comics, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have at least a few of these NSFW images hanging around on your phone. If only there were a way to keep your private photos just that: private!

Well, wouldn’t you know, there’s an app for that!

“I found a great app so I thought I’d introduce it to my fujoshi followers!”

The “Himitsu no Dentaku Pro” (which has the English title “Secret Calculator”) shows up on your screen as a discreet calculator icon. Opening the icon even reveals what looks and functions just like an average calculator tool on your phone. However, when you enter in a pre-set passcode, the application opens up to a secret photo and video manager, stored safely for your eyes only.

1Apple Store

2Apple Store

Though Secret Calculator has already been around for some time, but it seems to have gone fairly unknown to many fans of boys love in Japan as it is just now making waves in Japan’s Twitter community for the sheer genius of it.

Of course, even with this app, you still might not be “safe” handing your phone over to anyone. As one Twitter user pointed out:

“It’s really convenient, isn’t it! With this, you can safely let anyone look at your phone…except not! LOL My thoughts would be completely given away by my Google search history or Simeji’s predictive text.”

So, maybe you’ll still need to keep your phone locked when not using it! And, unfortunately, it appears this app is only available for iOS users, but if you are an iPhone owner you can find it for download here at the Apple store and at least keep those naughty photos on your phone without worry.

But you’ll still need to use incognito mode when looking for all those pictures in the first place!

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