It’s food. It’s art. It’s delicious. It’s sashimi!

Becoming a sushi or sashimi chef in Japan is no easy task. It takes years of grinding at the bottom of the food chain before you’re even allowed to hold a fish, let alone slice one up to serve. Watching someone who has trained for years in order to master the art is truly mesmerizing. If you don’t live near a sushi restaurant where you can witness their skills in person, you should check out this amazing video from 88rising where they get up close and personal with the look and sounds of slicing a fish.

Although there is no visible blood, this video is definitely not for the squeamish. Whether 88rising altered the sound effects in post, or were employing a really great microphone, you can hear all the scrapes, squeaks, slices and squishes of a fish being prepared for a sashimi plate. Maybe cutting into a fish really does sound like that, but you definitely can’t fault the technique of the master chef. Every cut is exact, no slice is wasteful and as soon as the fish hits the plate, you are reaching into the screen with chopsticks hoping to grab a piece. Speaking of plates, food enthusiasts will also appreciate the incredible plating job done here, as the inedible parts are all used to create a work of art on a plate.


Watching this mouth-watering video has really gotten us in the mood for sashimi, so at least we know what we’ll be ordering the next time we are out. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check out more of 88rising’s work on YouTube.

Source & Screenshots: YouTube/88rising