The way this cat stares longingly at the dish while attempting to control her rising paw is winning hearts all over the Internet.

Most of the cat videos we’ve seen lately show kitties lounging about, watching TVsleeping, and enjoying a life of simple luxury most of us can’t afford. One valiant feline called Homare-chan, however, is proving that cats can have the same daily struggles as humans, particularly when it comes to controlling inner urges to gorge on favourite delicacies. According to the pet’s owner, Homare knows she’ll be in trouble if she touches food on the table, but as this cute clip shows, sometimes the urge to eat is just too strong!

We can all relate to Homare’s valiant attempt at self-control! She starts off strong, deliberately lowering her paw as soon as it’s raised, but then she rationalises a quick stretch, figuring it’s all right, surely, if she just touches the bottom of the dish. That doesn’t count as being naughty, does it?


Emboldened by the attempt, kitty leans over for a smell. She might not be allowed to eat, but there’s no rule against enjoying the aromas, is there?


As her owner calls out “Hora!”, or “Hey!”, Homare knows she’s gotten too close to the food and immediately backs away, with a defeated scowl on her face. If she could talk right now, she’d probably be yelling “I was just smelling it!”, but being a good kitty, she simply licks her lips in a vain attempt to transfer the aroma of fish from her nose to her tongue.


The adorable clip, which has already received more than 77,000 likes and 60,000 retweets, melted everyone’s hearts on Twitter.

“Her defeated little meow at the end is so cute! She’s like a spoilt child who got caught.”
“This is too cute! I want to give her a big cuddle for being so good!”
“Wow – this cat has such impressive self-control!”
“You can see her fighting her inner desires by the way she moves her ears!”
“Thank you, Homare-chan! I watched this at work and you’ve totally de-stressed me!”

Homare’s admirable attempt to fight her fish-eating desires is as captivating as it is inspiring. Let’s hope we can take a leaf out of her book and show just as much restraint when it comes to our own sweet temptations!

Source: My Game News Flash
Top Image: Twitter/@tatanorz