These photos make us want to shrink ourselves down and make a purchase at the mini festival stalls!

When it comes to the world of miniature, Japanese artists continually amaze us with their incredible attention to detail. We’ve seen beautiful train station replicas, little pizza ovens, and even tiny bars for hamsters, and now it’s time for a Japanese festival, complete with candy apples, takoyaki and the teeniest goldfish we’ve ever seen!

▼ The beautiful scene is called “Summer Memories 2016”.

Kyoto-based miniature food and dollhouse creator Yukari Morimoto is the talented artist behind the work, who’s spent countless hours bringing the summer festival to life, starting off by first building a bare bones structure, and then gradually adding more and more little details.

One of the most time-consuming components was creating holes in the plastic plates on the takoyaki grills.

The grilled octopus balls are perfectly recreated to look like they’re in the process of being cooked.

The takoyaki are so tiny you can fit a dozen on a one yen coin!

With other small additions like sauces and ingredients, the completed takoyaki stall becomes a stunning work of art.

Next door, the candy apple store comes to life with a number of incredibly realistic-looking apples.

The process of glazing the finished product from the raw fruit is beautifully captured in miniature detail.

And to complete the festival food stalls, some propane gas cylinders!

To see all the details of the miniature stalls, check out the short clip below.

Another common sight at Japanese summer festivals is the popular goldfish scooping game. This one here contains beautifully detailed fish, which the artist modelled on her own real-life goldfish at home.

While the artist is currently wowing everyone with her cute little festival, she also has a number of other beautiful creations in her portfolio, including tiny bento lunchboxes…

Miniature bowls of ramen…

Stunning little fishbowls…

And a gorgeous Japanese room and garden, complete with a glistening fish-filled pond.

To see more of her beautiful works, check out her Instagram account, or visit her website for details of upcoming exhibitions and limited edition product sales. Her adorable products can also be purchased from her store at online marketplace minne.

Source: Iroiro
Top Image: Instagram/yucalingo9689