Even the wipers on the bus go swish, swish, swish, all through the town!

We’ve taken a look at some pretty awesome papercraft kits in the past, but can you imagine making something as intricate as those without the colorful, precut paperboard details already prepared for you? One Japanese artist, @upaza_toryo, has a passion for doing just that, using nothing but scrap cardboard and cutting tools to fashion some of the most amazing cardboard art we’ve ever seen!

▼ An impressive replica of Matsumoto Castle

▼ Look at the detail on that tank!

▼ And even more mindblowing, look at it move!

▼ This bus is also amazingly detailed, and of course this one moves too!

▼ Wipers swish back and forth, the doors fold open, and the bus lowers to allow passengers to board more easily.

▼ This top-loading FamiCon almost looks like you could play it for real.

▼ Shureimon gate in Okinawa

▼ A detailed katana proudly displayed on a stand

▼ Another all-too-real game console, a Game Boy Advance with game cartridge!

▼ Houryuuji Temple’s five-story pagoda

▼ Tsuzumi Gate at Kanazawa Station

▼ If this next one looks familiar, it’s because we already shared its awesomeness with you all before, but obviously it deserves a second look!

If you want to keep up with @upaza_toryo and his impressive creations, be sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!

Source: Twitter/@upaza_toryo, Instagram/@upaza_toryo via Iroiro
Featured image: Twitter/@upaza_toryo