The lucky day on Japan’s calendar brings fortune to cat lovers everywhere with kitties posing in figurine-like positions!

Given the many ways that dates can be pronounced, according to English, Japanese, and Chinese kanji character readings, different days of the year take on special significance in Japan, with creative combinations giving way to “Maid’s Day“, “Mayonnaise Day” and even “Condom Day“.

September 29 is known as “Maneki Neko no Hi” or “Beckoning Cat Day”, due to the fact that it contains the numbers 9 (ku), 2 (fu) and 9 (ku), which, when combined, sounds like “Ku-ru Fuku” or “Coming Luck”, which is what a beckoning cat represents, with its raised paw drawing luck towards it and into the family home in which it lives.

While beckoning felines usually appear as cute figurines on shelves and window sills around the country, on Twitter, cat lovers have come out in force to celebrate the day with a number of real-life kitties posing in adorable figurine-like positions!

According to tradition, a raised right paw is said to bring money, while a raised left paw is said to bring people, customers or friends.

▼ We’re not sure what two raised paws means, but it sure looks extra special!

▼ In true cat style, this kitty raises a paw lying down, mid-preen.

▼ This sleepy cat sure gets a bit of luck with the promise of a human hand pat.

▼ And this cute kitty outfit saves cats from having to lift their paws at all!

With news of the unofficial cat day spreading online, even Japan’s favourite doll, Licca-chan, struck a pose with a couple of cute cat paws on her official Twitter account.

To join in the fun with all the other cats online, all you have to do is add a picture of a kitty in a cute paw-raising position, along with the hashtag #招き猫の日 on Twitter on September 29. Then you can just sit back and wait for your good fortune to roll in!

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@map_u_chin