From drawing to playing with new friends, organisers release cute photos of the fun activities the toys got up to during their stay.

While adults get to enjoy sleeping amongst hundreds of books in hotels and bookstores in Japan, it appears that kids’ toys get to enjoy the same luxury too, thanks to a creative sleepover event organised by Osaka Prefecture’s Kashiwara Library. Held on the night of 24 September, the annual event was limited to 30 lucky children, who brought their plush friends to the library for a storytelling session together, before tucking them into their beds and bidding them farewell for the night.

As it became dark, the soft toys slept soundly, while their families could keep up-to-date with the progress of the evening via the hashtag #ぬいぐるみおとまり会2016 (Plush Toy Sleepover 2016) on Twitter.

All different types of characters were pictured snoozing peacefully together, using their distinctive eyes-wide-open sleeping style.

Some were peacefully tucked in, while others were sprawled outside of their blankets.

▼ Then, suddenly, one of the animals awoke.

▼ One by one, more animals began to wake from their slumber…

Now that they were awake, the cheeky animals decided to go over and say hello to the permanent plush toy residents of the library.

Seeing as they couldn’t sleep, Monsters, Inc. star James P. “Sulley” Sullivan was happy to show them around the library to keep them occupied.

▼ Sulley led the way as they headed off on their expedition.

▼ “If you flick this switch, all the lights in the library come on!” said Sulley. “Let’s do it!” cried the animals.

▼ “Wake up, everybody!!”

Now with everyone awake, the library’s residents decided to read a book to their visitors, who were so enthralled with the story that they begged them to read it again.

The book, called O-men desu, (which means “It’s a mask”) taught them all about animals and different Japanese-style masks.

Once storytime was over, some of the animals discovered the library’s flag-making corner.

They decided to show off their artistic skills by contributing their own flag designs, which would be decorated around the library.

▼ Others decided to play with the library’s barcode scanning system.

▼ While others relaxed in the video area.

From the look of things, the library was a hive of activity in the middle of the night!

Finally, the creative group decided to decorate the library wall with their flags to surprise their owners when they arrived to get them in the morning.

▼ And then, the exhausted adventurers crashed out for the rest of the night.

When morning came, all the guests were lined up, waiting for their human friends to come to collect them, with each one holding a book that they’d specially chosen for their owners to read to them.

Although after such a sleepless night of fun, they’ll probably be fast asleep before their humans even finish reading the first page!

Source: Togetter
Top Image: Twitter/@kashiwara_lib