All it takes are two quick and easy steps to make wet notebooks look brand new again.

There’s nothing worse than having a good book ruined with spilt liquid. The pages stick together in clumps and even when everything’s finally been dried out, the wrinkled, out-of-shape paper still stays there forever, like a scar forever reminding you of the spill that led to its ruined state. Now, there’s a way to fix wet paperbacks and notebooks, simply by following these easy steps from Haluka Nohana, a Japanese artist, author, and illustrator of children’s books, who shared her tricks for rejuvenating wet pages with this Tweet online.

All you’ll need for this hack are some loose leaves of white paper and a stack of heavy books! Let’s take a look at the two quick and easy steps below.

1. Place one page of loose paper in between each of the wet pages.


2. Place something heavy like a stack of books on top of the notebook, taking care to replace the loose leaves of paper as they suck up the liquid and become wet.


▼ Once that’s done, your notebook looks brand new again!


While the technique works well with most books, Nohana mentions that results will vary depending on the paper quality and the extent of damage, so it’s not guaranteed to work on every book out there. Still, Twitter users were impressed with the clever lifehack, leaving comments like:

“I’m a librarian so I know how liquid can ruin books forever. I’m definitely going to try this in future!”
“I used this on an office book I ruined at work and the results were amazing!”
“You have to use white paper for this because I used tissue paper instead and there were still wrinkles left behind.”
“I wish I knew about this before! Whenever I ruin my books I just buy new ones so this will save me money!”
“That weightlifting rabbit is adorable!”

We have to agree with that last commenter that the addition of rabbits definitely makes this simple lifehack look cute! If you’re interested in picture books, the talented artist has a whole herd of cute rabbits featuring in her new book “Usagi Manshon”, which is available online.

If that or any other book happens to get ruined in the rain, at least we’ll all know how to fix it now and make it look brand new again!

Source: My Game News Flash
Top Image: Twitter/@nohana_haluka
Insert Images: Twitter/@nohana_haluka