From trees to clothing and anatomical features, these live-action drawing tips will have you sketching like a pro in minutes!

No matter how much skill you have as an artist, it still takes time to master the art of drawing in the distinctive Japanese manga style. The best way to learn is by watching a master at work, and now you can do exactly that, from anywhere around the world, thanks to these quick and simple how-to videos from Takuya Yoshimura, who works for Weekly Young Jump, one of the country’s most popular manga magazines.

▼ His two-minute instructional videos include a tutorial on how to draw a handsome young man.

▼ And tips for completing a head of glossy, shiny hair.

▼ There’s also a clip that shows how to draw a suit jacket.

▼ And guides for drawing anatomically correct body parts like feet…

▼ And hands.

Surprisingly, it’s his latest work, an image of a tree, that’s drawn the most attention on Twitter, receiving more than 90,000 likes in just a few days.

The circled “光” indicates the location of the light source, which helps when giving definition to the different areas of light and shade in the work.


The easy-to-follow guide shows how to increase the 3-D quality of a tall, leafy tree on paper, using just an eraser, a 0.05 felt-tipped pen, a Pentel-brand black ink brush, and some “Pen-White” or correction fluid, applied at the end with a fine brush.

Twitter users have been heaping praise on the artist’s latest video, leaving comments like:

“Thank you so much for sharing this! It’s so simple and easy to understand!”
“I’m hopeless at drawing trees but now I want to draw one!”
“Wow – I learnt so much in just two minutes!”
“I’m so grateful for this; it’s exactly what I needed!”
“I’m keeping this to use as a reference in future!”

Some Twitter users have even been sharing images of their own trees with the artist after following his tutorial, showing just how effective his tips can be.

To see more beautiful works from the talented professional manga artist, check out his Instagram account, or stop by his Twitter and YouTube channel for many more inspiring videos.

Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@hanari0716