This adorable lizard is making a sensation on the internet with a sexy pose that leaves just enough to the imagination to leave us all laughing, and then feeling kind of ashamed.

The scandal started when Japanese Twitter user @nagotsuki posted a candid, nude photograph of their pet lizard, named Tsuki (‘Moon’), for all the world to see. Nagotsuki’s account normally includes PG-rated pictures of Tsuki, a bearded dragon, doing cute lizard stuff, but all of that would change with one racy post, however, in which the pet covers its…well, why don’t you just take a look for yourself?

▼Who knew that lizards could be so modest?

Like a tiny, reptilian Marliyn Monroe, this sassy lizard shields itself in a way that looks almost unnervingly human, and yet…undeniably alluring. This graceful technique, tastefully referred to as te-bura (literally, “hand-bra”) in Japanese, recalls the pose of Botticelli’s famous painting of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Instead of a seashell, however, Tsuki is plopped comfortably on its master’s hand with its chubby body exposed for the world to marvel at.

▼ Tsuki is clearly channeling this masterpiece


Needless to say, this being the internet and everything, people were quick to seize on the inherent hilarity of this err…titillating portrait of a strikingly feminine bearded dragon and its natural talent for modeling.

The owner took to Twitter to correct us, however, and revealed that Tsuki is in fact male, leaving us all very confused in the process. Yes, it turns out lizards can have “man boobs” too. It seems that the owner of the account is taking all the new-found attention in stride, and is thanking Tsuki’s fans for their comments.

Top Image: @Nagotsuki/Screenshot by RocketNews24
Images: Wikimedia Commons/Botticelli “Birth of Venus”