People all over Japan are falling in love with the drama and humour in this charming re-enactment.

One of the biggest days on the school calendar for students around Japan is the annual school festival, where classmates get together to transform their homerooms into themed wonderlands and show off displays or performances with members of their after-school clubs. Now, an impromptu performance by two school students has captured the heart of the nation, after they re-enacted a well-known scene from Studio Ghibli’s animated feature film Spirited Away.


The scene features the movie’s heroine, Chihiro, or Sen, racing down the hallway in her peach-coloured worker’s uniform, just as she does in the animated film, when she flees from No Face in the bathhouse after he sprouts arms and legs and promptly pursues her.


While the setting is simple, the photography perfectly captures all the energy and movement of the animated film, making the two appear as if they’ve popped out from the 2-D world of Spirited Away at the end of the hallway to race by the viewer in real life!


Thankfully, the re-enactment doesn’t include No Face violently spewing people and foul, mud-like ooze everywhere like he does in the movie!


Since the images were posted on Twitter less than a week ago, they’ve been retweeted more than 120,000 times and received an incredible 190,000 likes.


People everywhere have fallen in love with the cute scene, leaving comments like:

“These are great photos! I wish I was there to see it in real life!”
“This is so beautiful!”
“The position of the camera is perfect for the scene!”
“Youth truly is wonderful!”
“That second picture is scary! She’s really running fast to get away from him!”

If we had a masked character like No Face hot on our heels, we’d be sprinting too! Maybe next year they ought to add a friend to help her out, like this artist suggests on Twitter.

No Face, Chihiro and Haku all together at school? That’s a set of photos we’d all love to see!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@teru7936
Insert Images: Twitter/@teru7936