It’s got tons of uniforms and girls and it also acts as a flip book!

The Collection of Taiwan High School Girl Uniforms from Wang Chung-ju (also known as Chiyou) is a very realistic book that depicts the look and style of the high school uniform. Chiyou meticulously examined various uniforms in order to replicate the look for his books, and now he’s back with a third installment for the series, but this time, it seems he has decided to add a little something extra to the images. When looking through it, you might wonder why all the girls seem to be positioned in odd places. Upon closer inspection, you might realize that they actually are posed very similarly as if they sort of flow together…

Turns out Chiyou designed his book about girl’s uniforms to also act like a flip book animation. Not only do the uniforms change every page, but there is also a “slightly” out of place bear that makes an appearance. 

▼ We never realized that schoolgirl uniforms and bears fit so well together!

Whether you are looking for a reference for your Taiwanese schoolgirl cosplay, or itching for some old-timey animated pictures, you are really going to flip for Collection of Taiwan High School Girl Uniforms!

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@bakutendo