It’s a new take on the classic Bug Catcher, Lass, and Youngster trainer types in this high-quality fan crossover!

We suppose it wasn’t long before someone came up with a collaboration between Pokémon and The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls, one entry in a popular franchise series which was originally released as a mobile phone simulation game back in 2011. After all, both series require the player to effectively “raise” either battling creatures or aspiring stars to their fullest potential, albeit in entirely different worlds.

That said, Japanese Twitter user @a01kouko recently turned 20 of his favorite Idolmaster Cinderella girls into Pokémon-style trainer sprites–and they actually look entirely legitimate! Here’s the full lineup with names in his viral tweet:

Row 1: Yukko [Yuko Hori], Asuka [Asuka Ninomiya], Usamin [Nana Abe], Akane [Akane Hino], Mikunyan [Miku Maekawa], unnamed character (an Idolmaster trainer, perhaps)

Row 2: Anya [Anastasia], Minamii [Minami Nitta], Riina [Riina Tada], Sachiko [Sachiko Koshimizu], Rika [Rika Jougasaki]

Row 3: Sana [Sana Miyoshi], Aiko [Aiko Takamori], Haru [Haru Yuuki], Varisa [Risa Matoba], Yumichan [Yumi Aiba]

Row 4: Shikinyan [Shiki Ichinose], Mayu [Mayu Sakuma], Yuka [Yuka Nakano], Koume [Koume Shirasaka], Saehan [Sae Kobayakawa]

Furthermore, on his personal Pixiv site, @a01kouko even listed most of the characters’ theoretical type specializations, as if they were Pokémon gym leaders. Do you agree with his selection?

Row 1: Yukko: Psychic, Asuka: Ice/Flying, Usamin: Normal/Fairy, Akane: Fire, Mikunyan: [unlisted]

Row 2: Anya: Ice, Minamii: Water, Riina: Rock, Sachiko: Normal/Dark, Rika: Bug

Row 3: Sana: Electric, Aiko: [unlisted], Haru: [unlisted], Varisa: [unlisted], Yumichan: Grass

Row 4: Shikinyan: Poison, Mayu: Dark, Yuka: Fighting, Koume: Ghost, Saehan: Grass/Poison

Net users were excited about the pixel art, which does seem to seamlessly blend in with the actual Pokémon game artwork. The following are some of their reactions:

“I wanna play this game.”
“Yukko looks like she belongs in Saffron City Gym.”
“They wouldn’t seem out-of-place in the Pokémon world at all!”
“I wonder if I can ‘evolve’ the idols after they level up.”

We can’t help but wonder now which of the remaining Cinderella girls would be selected to represent the Elite Four. Anyone feel like answering that question with a new round of artwork?

Source: Togech
Top image: Twitter/@a01kouko