Secret footage of a Chinese boss forcing female employees to kiss him on the lips has stirred a major uproar online.

A company in China has claimed that having female staff members line up and kiss the boss helps create a better working atmosphere and promotes “team building”. This unique company “custom” is apparently carried out every morning between 9 a.m. and 9:30 a.m.

You can see the shocking video here:

A range of reactions can be seen from the employees in the room. Some of the staff don’t seem to be too phased by the “motivational session” while others seem to find it a bit more troubling. In any case, if it’s not awkward in the room it is definitely awkward watching the video. It has been claimed that many of the female staff members submitted to the morning ritual because they were afraid of losing their jobs.

The boss seems to have his favorites too. Some women he kisses once, others he kisses multiple times. Perhaps he just felt those employees needed a bit of extra “team building” motivation.


The video has caused widespread criticism from Internet users in China, with people saying:

“That’s disgusting.”
“This has to be sexual harrasment.”
“Going to these extremes makes it some sort of strange cult.”
“This is brainwashing.”
“He just wants to kiss them, hires women he likes, and then carries out indecent acts.”

The video has also caused waves in the English-speaking world, with many outraged at the apparent harassment of female employees. Here are some of their comments:

“If Trump becomes president he will definitely do this.”
“This is awful. What’s happening to human rights in China?”
“I feel disgusted with this awful world.”

Now that the spotlight has been turned on this company perhaps there won’t be any more “team building” morning sessions, and it may be the boss who is now fearful of losing his job.

Source: NariNari,
Images: YouTube/ShockingVideos