If you liked these women before now there’s even more of them to love.

Disney Princesses, with their rainbow of color pallets and personalities, are the perfect lineup of models for artists who want to try out a new style or theme. We’ve seen everything from anime-style princesses to sinful princesses to even gender-bent princesses re-imagined as men.

And now Australian artist Ashleigh Beevers is showing off her new spin on the Disney Princesses (and a villain) by transforming them into plump pin-up girls.

▼ There’s Belle who has a bell-curve figure.


▼ There’s Ariel who is such besties with
Flounder that she got him tattooed on her leg.


▼ And then Merida showing off her
Scottish pride with a kilted skirt.


▼ Ursula somehow snuck into the lineup too,
having traded in her tentacles for a pair of curvy legs.


▼ Ashleigh also draws cute pictures of other characters, such as Batman’s Joker
and Harley enjoying some downtime between sinister plots.


▼ And Hulk and Black Widow taking a well-earned
Venetian boat ride after saving the world.


Ashleigh is selling her work online at her Etsy store. There’s more available there than we’ve shown here, so if you like what you’ve seen be sure to check it out!

And if you’re in the mood for some more pin-up Disney pictures, have no fear, we’ve got you covered. Just be warned that some of those are pretty sexy and you may want to wait until you’re home from work to take a peek.

Source, images: Etsy/AshleighBeeversArt
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