Needless to say pink is the major color motif for all the goods.

As a child, there were so many great ways to spend our hard earned birthday and holiday money. Maybe we bought some action figures, games or dolls, but no matter what we wanted there never seemed to be enough money to buy it all. That’s why we relish being adults as there’s no one to tell you what you can or cannot buy. For one Japanese fan of Barbie, that means buying anything and everything with her label on it.

Azusa Sakamoto, or as she likes to be called, Azusa Barbie, is a self-proclaimed super Barbie fan. Though don’t just let the words from her mouth convince you, her collection has plenty of things to say for itself. She’s spent over US$67,000 on various Barbie products and she has no plan on slowing down.

▼ We can’t spy with our little eyes something not Barbie.

Her love of Barbie isn’t limited to being a consumer either, as Azusa Barbie is also aiming for a very specific goal: to be Barbie’s exclusive nail artist. To reach that goal, she designs and creates nails that go impeccably with Barbie’s numerous outfits. Her use of jewels and colors truly give the nails as much glamour as Barbie herself. 

▼ It’s amazing the little dog in the Barbie picture made it to one of the nails.

Maybe this is why you should never let your parents get rid of any of your old toys. You never know if the passion will re-ignite in you to play with or collect them in the future. Judging by her extensive collection, Asuza Barbie’s life in plastic, really is fantastic!

Source: YouTube/Caters TV
Top image: Instagram/asuzabarbie