“Where’d you go human?! Oh there you are. Where’d you go human?! Oh there you are.”

Here at RocketNews24, we don’t claim to be experts on most things, but if there’s one thing we practically have doctoral degrees in, it’s cute animals. We’ve seen everything from cats chilling out inside watermelons to train stationmaster bunnies, and we want to squeeze every single last one of them.

But then something comes along that can shock even the most experienced cuteness-researcher with its sheer adorableness. That’s what happened when we saw this video of Duil, the chipmunk pet of Japanese Twitter user @duil_chipmunk:

“Hello! Back to food. Hello! Back to food. Hello!”

There’s just something about that chubby face going up and down that is just hypnotizingly cute. We’re not quite sure exactly why the chipmunk is popping up and down – maybe it needs to come up for air, or maybe it just wants to make sure its human didn’t disappear – but either way it succeeded in melting our hearts.

Here’s how Japanese netizens responded:

“Chip and Dale are no match for this one, cuteness-wise.”
“I’m addicted to watching this.”
“Sooo cuuute….”
“What is that picture in the background? And what kind of bag is it popping out of? So many mysteries!”
“Wait you can have chipmunks as pets? Why have I been wasting my life?!”

Never fear, netizen! If it’s more cute chipmunks you need, we’re here for you.

And if you want to see more of Duil’s cute chipmunk antics, be sure to give him a follow on Twitter. Here’s just a small sample of the cuteness you can expect, with Duil attempting to “bury” his stash of food in a furoshiki cloth napkin:

▼ “Yes my sweet nuts, you will be safe for winter
buried underneath this silky-smooth ground.”

Source/featured image: Twitter/@duil_chipmunk