Usually we think of costumes as something to sew, but some clever construction was required for this amazing Pokémon outfit.

This autumn is the first since the release of Pokémon GO turned the Pocket Monster franchise from something that anime and video game fans love into something that just about anyone with a smartphone has experienced and enjoyed. As such, you probably saw quite a few Pokémon-themed costumes this Halloween, but odds are few of them were anywhere near as clever as the one designed by YouTuber mattcyborgelt.

Rather than dress up as any specific character or creature from the franchise, mattcyborgelt crafted an outfit that combines a Pokémon Trainer cap, Pokéstop marker, and an oversized smartphone displaying a wild Pikachu in Pokémon GO style. And as if all that wasn’t ambitious enough, his costume is interactive!

Just like in the game, spinning the Pokéstop symbol will earn you a Poké Ball, which drops out of the tube that supports the marker.


Of course, having a Poké Ball in hand and a Pikachu in front of you triggers a Pavlovian response to chuck the item at the loveable series mascot. mattcyborgelt understands this, so when the sphere hits the Pocket Monster, he pulls on a lever that initiates the capture!


But veteran Pokémon Trainers know it’s too early to celebrate victory just yet. When first enclosed in a Poké Ball, Pokémon will struggle to break out, a detail the video shows happening as the orb rocks back and forth. Eventually, though, Pikachu settles down, and as a final flourish, three stars light up, just like in Pokémon GO, signaling that the creature has been officially caught.


It’s an awesome idea amazingly executed, and we only hope that people remember that it’s a Halloween costume, and don’t greet mattcyborgelt for the entire rest of the year by pelting his stomach with various objects in hopes of filling up their Pokédex.

Source: IT Media
Images: YouTube/mattcyborgelt