May or may not cause sudden desire to take a bite out of your phone.

Eating out in Japan is a pleasure for many reasons, but one of the smaller touches that makes all the difference is the fake food samples some restaurants set up outside their shop.

Rather than taking a chance on something that merely sounds good in the menu, you can see for yourself what the meal will look like in stomach-growl-inducingly gorgeous plastic.

▼ “I’ll take one of each please.”
“Certainly. There will be about half an hour wait.”
“Oh no, I’ll just take these.”

fake-food-cases-1Flickr/Jessica Spengler

But now you don’t have to steal a restaurant’s wares to enjoy fake food samples of your own. The company atelier cook is now selling fake food smartphone cases through Village Vanguard online and in stores.

▼ You can choose from a variety of dishes – er, sorry, cases,
including spicy mapo tofu…


…a nice hot curry with rice and all the fixings…


▼ …or if you’re feeling fancy,
raw salmon and roe on rice.


▼ And if you’re feeling the opposite of fancy,
there’s always the beef-bowl special.


▼ Are we 100-percent sure this is fake, or did someone accidentally
scoop up some okonomiyaki using their phone? I honestly can’t tell.


I don’t know about you, but I think we’d be in danger of getting hungry every time we used our phone if we had one of these things. And considering how much we use them, well, there would be a lot more mapo tofu and curry in our lives… not that that’s a bad thing.

Still, if you think you can handle the temptation, then feel free to check out atelier cook’s online store. The cases are a little pricey at 6,242 yen (US$59) and up, but can you really put a price on such delicious protection for your phone?

And if you really want to accessorize, be sure to take a look at the matching fake food samples to wear on your head.

Source/images: Village Vanguard Online Store