The Internet has gone crazy for this incredible biscuit collection that looks like a range of tiny food replicas.

Recently, some talented cookie artists have been emerging from kitchens around the world, showcasing some amazing works of edible art like Japanese iconsramen noodles, and even Internet browser designs. Now, a Japanese mother is in the spotlight for her incredible range of cookies that look like miniature meals, with a recent post featuring two of her designs quickly going viral on Twitter, receiving more than 130,000 likes in just one day.

The talented food artist, who goes by the name Masako on Instagram, has actually created a huge collection of showstopping biscuits over the past year, with a large number featuring traditional Japanese dishes that are so realistic they look like tiny food replicas. At the very beginning of her venture into the world of moulded cookie icing however, Masako started out with an array of western-style food items, like ketchup, hot dogs and burgers.

She soon ventured out to create some beautiful-looking cookies that looked just like plump, round cakes.

As she became more adventurous, different types of strawberry-themed sweets appeared on the table.

And then her first Japanese dish appeared, in the form of a kid’s lunch, with a serving of rice omelette, a beef patty and a sweet pudding.

Five months later, the progression in her technique was clearly noticeable, with these new cookies modelled on Japanese meal sets. On the left is a bowl of udon noodles with a side of traditional ohagi sweets, and on the right is a bowl of tempura-topped soba noodles, with a serving of pickles and some onigiri rice balls.

And for something sweet, this range of green tea matcha desserts has our mouths watering!

Nothing says “Japan” like immaculate servings of sushi, and these ones are beautifully made, with incredible attention to detail.

Her most recent works are stand-outs in the collection, featuring “donburi,” rice bowl dishes, with toppings like roast beef, chicken and egg, and fried pork cutlets.

It’s hard to believe that these are actually cookies!

Her miniature nabe hot-pot biscuits are so realistic you can almost hear the soup boiling inside the little biscuit pots.

The meat and vegetables even glisten as if they’re being cooked!

To see more of Masako’s impressive cookie art, be sure to stop by her Instagram account. All of the incredible cookies are so enticing we’re hoping the food artist will one day start producing her miniature delicacies for the mass market. It would be the sweetest way to enjoy a traditional Japanese meal!

Source: Net Lab
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