The plump flesh and curvy proportions of this doll are so realistic they’re actually NSFW.

When a character needs to be drawn with realistic form and natural movement, artists often look to figurines to help them out. The world of miniature bodies can actually be quite breathtaking, with Bandai producing males and female models to help sketch epic poses, and Dolk Station bringing out a gorgeous female figure that people everywhere fell in love with. The latest figure to blow everyone away with its beauty is the Super-Flexible Seamless Female Body from Phicen, which is made with a seamless encapsulation technique that gives it a sense of realism that’s second to none.


The detailed figure is so impressive that Twitter user @sune_01 recently photographed it in a number of alluring poses, showing just how lifelike – and sexy – it can be. 

▼ With 26 points of articulation, the body can easily be moved into a number of different positions.


In these amazing close-up shots, the detachable hand and smooth nether regions are the only things that give it away as being non-human.


The material used on the model is so plump and skin-like that it reflects light like a living body when photographed. The details on the neck and the natural fall of the curves in this shot make it hard to tell whether this is a figurine or a real person!


The 1:6 scale model is a helpful reference tool for artists wanting to sketch natural-looking female bodies. Not only does it help with getting the right proportions in different poses, it also creates realistic highlights and shadows across the body when held up to a light source.

Japanese Twitter users were in awe of the figurine when @sune_01 posted photos of it online, leaving comments like:

“This is amazing! It looks so real!”
“I need this in my life.”
“Wow – what a sexy doll!”
“I tip my hat to your awesome photography skills.”
“This is one of the best reference tools for drawing I’ve ever seen.”

While the strangely seductive figure is used by artists, it’s also a popular choice for figure collectors too. The busty model is so true-to-life that online retailers of the product like Amazon Japan have chosen to blur out more discreet areas of its body in advertising photos.

▼ The 28-centimetre (11-inch) tall doll can currently be purchased online from Amazon Japan for 8,200 yen (US$80.60).

The Super-Flexible Seamless Female Body from Phicen is just one of many life-like figurines produced by the company. To find out more about their male and female models and characters, stop by their website for more details!

Source: Togech
Images: Twitter/@sune_01

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