“This is where the human’s feet are easiest to catch!”

Cats basically live to troll their owners. Whether they’re casually crashing through screen doors and pretending like nothing happened, or sticking their heads through the newspapers we’re trying to read, they have a way of making our daily lives just a bit meow-r exciting.

One cat who has perfected the art of trolling its human can be seen in a video posted by Japanese Twitter user @k_shibiko, originally from the YouTube channel Tsuda Ranko, which has since blown up the Japanese internet with over 45,000 retweets.

“This cat has learned a good hiding place.
So cute trying to get attention from its owner.”

Now that’s a cat who clearly knows what it’s doing. Not only does it hide and grab onto the feet of its beloved owner, but it then realizes: “Hey! I can do that again.” And thus was the beginning of many adorable ambushes to come.

Here’s how Japanese Twitter users reacted to the furr-ocious feline:

“That is too cute.”
“I’m so jealous. I want a cat like that.”
“My heart would be in danger of melting if that happened to me.”
“Hunter instincts being put to good use!”
“My cat does the same thing and likes to jump out at me from shadows when I walk past. It’s always surprising but I love it lol.”

Seems like cats latching onto their humans is quite common. Although we have to admit, it’s also funny when cats get latched onto other things… and then just go along for the ride.

Source: YouTube/津田蘭子 via Twitter/@k_shibiko
Top image: YouTube/津田蘭子