When you’ve got two hands, why not use them both at once?

Most people have a dominant hand – the vast majority being right-handed – and while most of us learn to use both hands equally for various activities, such as typing or for certain sports, only about one percent of the population is naturally ambidextrous. Perhaps the most famous ambidextrous person in history is Renaissance artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, who is known for being able to right forward with his right hand, and backwards and upside-down with his left at the same time.

Fast forward a few hundred years, and we have yet another artist wowing us with his ambidextrousness – @toru.kn from Tokyo, Japan, who has posted a number of his works on his Instagram page. One in particular, which was posted on November 5, is a video of him painting two busts, a man and a woman, simultaneously with both of his hands.

This isn’t the first time artist Toru has done two paintings simultaneously; on October 29 he posted the first demonstration of his impressive dexterity.

He also has videos of some fun stippling works done on whiteboard…

…and more traditional brush and ink paintings.

It’s a little too soon to say whether this skilled artist will someday be featured in the Louvre like his ambidextrous predecessor, but in the meantime you can enjoy works on his Instagram.

Source, top image: Instagram/@toru.kun via Bored Panda