Feeling down? Here’s a Shiba who can empathize.

Sometimes life gives us too many lemons, yet spares us no sugar with which to make our lemonade. In times like that, sometimes it’s all you can do to keep from throwing yourself on the floor right then and there and just refusing to move. Much like this little guy.

This Shiba Inu, named Yū (whose kanji name 優 means “gentle”), seems to have a lot of those moments, if the photos his person posts on the sweetly-named Twitter account @always_with_yu are any indication.

▼ No, not today.

▼ I said no! Just let me be…

▼ I can’t with this mountain today.

▼ I can’t with this road.

▼ I just can’t today…

▼ No walk today? I guess it’s just as well…

But as they say, after the rain comes a rainbow, and with a good friend by your side you’re sure to find something to smile about!

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Source, featured image: Twitter/@always_with_yu