Totoro, Princess Mononoke, and other favorites inspire some new masterpieces.

It’s pretty common for fans to express their love of a series by creating fan art. Often the fan art starts small, a character here and there, but sometimes it graduates to entire scenes full of beloved characters. Some fans even discover their artistic talents when they are trying to copy something they’ve seen, be it a fuzzy, round Totoro or a majestic spirited dragon.

Luckily for us non-creative fans out there, artists are happy to share their takes on classic Ghibli stories. And just like how famed director Hayao Miyazaki can’t stop making features, artists can’t help but create new amazing pieces that continue to blow us away. Here’s just a few that we couldn’t help but share:

▼ Totoro has never looked so textured.

▼ This one may add fire to the (totally debunked) Totoro death god theory,
but it’s still a stunning piece.

▼One of the most beautiful scenes from Spirited Away expertly recreated.

▼ An absolutely gorgeous collection of art from several Studio Ghibli movies, like Princess Mononoke.

Howl’s Moving Castle

The Secret Life of Arriety

▼ This perfectly captures the mysticism and wonder of Spirited Away.

▼ A perfect example of how one can be mesmerized by straight lines.

▼ Sometimes artists are able to capture all of the emotion of a movie in a single freeze-framed image like this one of Sophie and Howl

Or the child-like wonder in discovering a new world or a new person.

Or the despair that comes when your friends get hurt

There are certainly even more artists out there who have amazed fans with their beautiful renditions of these great movies. Let us know your favorites or which ones we’ve missed in the comments below. We really can’t get enough of Studio Ghibli art!

Source: Bored Panda
Featured image: Facebook/Sagittarius Gallery