Japanese Twitter users capture incredibly beautiful snowflake shapes.

Tokyo experienced snow in November for the first time in 54 years on Thursday and an army of amateur photographers were out in force to capture the moment. Here are some of the amazing close-up photographs showing the beauty of snow that we’re more likely to see in a Hollywood movie than in real life.

▼ This unbelievable photograph taken on an iPhone shows the incredible detail in each snowflake, giving us more proof that no two are alike.


▼ Here is another gorgeous photograph of a myriad of snowflakes on a car hood.


The snowflakes look so perfect, as if they’ve been handcrafted or drawn by some professional artist.

▼ This set of photos show the contrasting shapes of the snow ice crystals.

▼ This incredible shot was taken after someone got into their car and saw the display of snowflakes resting on her car windscreen.


▼ Here is another close-up photograph where you can really see the snowflake’s wonderful details.

▼ And finally yet another unique snowflake shape.

If you want to see some more beautifully unique snowflake photographs, be sure to check out our gallery of high-resolution, zoomed-in snowflake photographs. Some of the shapes look like flowers, coral, aliens, and even a scene from The Nightmare Before Christmas (it sounds crazy, but trust us).

And just to prove that cool-looking snowflakes are definitely not a modern day obsession, check out the collections of intricate snowflake drawings dating back to Edo-period Japan. What those 19th century artists would’ve done for a smartphone camera….

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Twitter/@wired_jp