“Would you close your eyes and blow on this for me?”

Gachapon capsule machines come with all sorts of weird and wonderful prizes, and now here is a prize that just keeps on giving: the Ninpou Kiss-Gao Kazaguruma, which literally translates to “Ninja arts kiss-face pinwheel”, and it basically is what the name implies – a pinwheel which allows you to sneak (like a ninja) a photo of whoever you chose (or whoever falls for it!) making a kissy-face.

The video above demonstrates just how easy it is to be a creeper get a stealthy snap of a sweet guy or gal puckering up for what would appear to be a tender kiss. All you need to do is hook the Ninpou Kiss-Gao Kazaguruma over your smartphone and you’re ready to find your first victim.


Once you’ve tracked down the sweetheart of your choice, all you need to do is make a simple request – for them to close their eyes and spin the pinwheel. Once their eyes are shut and their lips puckered, ready to spin the pinwheel with a little breeze, you can capture the moment on camera to look back on whenever you need to imagine a cute girl ready to share a gentle kiss with you.


▼ Ninpou Success!


The Ninpou Pinwheel doesn’t discriminate, so if you’d prefer to have a handsome young man making kissy-faces at you through your screen, this works just as well on both sexes!



The Kiss-Face Pinwheel is now available in capsule machines across Japan for 200 yen (US$1.77) each, and comes in colors such as “refreshing peppermint breath”, “first love lemon yellow”, “passionate red”, “this is quite nice isn’t it orange”, and “party pink.”

And when you want to take your creepiness to the next level, be sure to study some awkward phrases to say to people. Nothing will make someone want to blow on your smartphone pinwheel more than telling them, “you smell so much better than mother.”

Source: YouTube/バンダイ公式チャネル via NetLab
Images: YouTube/バンダイ公式チャネル