When most people see a sign warning them not to do something, they see it as just that – a warning. But then there are other people who see it as something else – a challenge.

YouTuber KinotroniX recently uploaded a video showing a man in a Russian subway station disobeying possibly the most important rule of being around trains: not to jump in front of the train. You can watch the short, hair-raising video here:

I… I don’t even know what to say after that. Japan is of course infamous for people jumping in front of trains to commit suicide, but for someone to do it for fun? As a daredevil trick? That’s just unimaginable.

Here’s how Japanese netizens reacted to the video:

“That is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”
“What if he just slipped a tiny bit?”
“Well that’s about as extreme as parkour can get I guess.”
“Oh god… just watching made me sick.”
“Are we sure this isn’t fake? It looks like CGI.”

While there hasn’t been anything confirming either the validity or fabrication of the video, for those doubting that there are people crazy enough to do this, we present another sweaty-palm-inducing video made by yet another Russian thrill-seeker in Toronto:

▼ The skyscraper antics of olegcricket have earned him
over 305 thousand followers on Instagram.

So while we don’t know for sure whether the train-jumping video is fake or not, there is certainly a precedent for people doing things that look absolutely crazy.

In the meantime, for those looking for other impressive jumps that aren’t quite as scary, we present the legendary two-person groin-to-chest dive in China. Now that’s a jump made of pure love instead of fear.

Source: YouTube/KinotroniX via Golden Times
Top image: YouTube/Kinotronix