It’s hard to believe that the only thing keeping these rock towers from toppling over is an incredible centre of gravity.

We’ve seen some fantastic artists from Japan using materials like wires, coffee and even grated radishes to create mesmerising works of beauty. Now, an artist with a skill for balancing rocks precariously on top of one another has caught the attention of one of the country’s biggest companies, who are now using his amazing abilities to help promote a new line of noise-cancelling headphones.

Kokei Mikuni is the artist at the centre of the two-and-a-half minute commercial, who can be seen creating rock towers in a room filled with the loud noises of traffic and construction work. As you’d expect, the act of balancing large and heavy rocks on top of much smaller ones requires a lot of concentration, and Sony sets out to prove that their MDR-1000X noise-cancelling headphones are so good at cancelling out loud background noise that they can help increase the artist’s concentration levels.

Check out the video here:

The short clip showcases the artist’s unique skill, which has been honed over the years through many hours of practice, resulting in a portfolio of beautiful photos, which can be seen on Mikuni’s website, Rock’s Portrait, and on his Instagram account.

Mikuni’s love for the unusual art sprang from his love of playing with rocks found by waterfalls, and this water theme runs through many of the photos in his spectacular collection.

His works are absolutely breathtaking.

According to Mikuni, the art of balancing rocks is well-known overseas, and there’s no special glue used; each structure is created with careful attention to the placement of rocks.

The materials used, and the art form itself, create a meditative state, which keeps Mikuni humble. Still, it takes a whole lot of patience and a steady hand to work successfully with rocks and gravity!

To see more of Mikuni’s amazing artworks, you can check out his Instagram and Facebook accounts, or give him a follow him on Twitter. And to see the rock-balancing process in action, be sure to stop by his YouTube channel for a number of insightful videos.

Source: GetNaviweb
Featured image: YouTube/Sony (Japan)