Caterpie evolved into… a human girl?!

We’ve seen before what it would be like if people, not Pokémon, battled it out in the Poké-world. The results were… interesting… but maybe that’s just because the humans weren’t Pokémon enough.

But Korean artist Tamtamdi has taken it to the next level and drawn what hundreds of Pokémon might look like if they were turned into humans. Here’s just a small selection of some of our favorites from the drawings of the first generation of Pokémon:

▼ Blastoise, known for his power to keep relationships together,
getting down on one knee with a sparkle in his eye.

▼ I never imagined Caterpie as a bespectacled girl in a green dress before,
but now I can’t see it as anything else.

▼ Winter is the perfect time to put on puffy coats, scarves,
hats, and turn into a Sandshrew at the playground.

 ▼ I’m not sure how this kid got her hair that way, but it probably took
all the dedication of the world’s number-one Bellsprout fan.

▼ Some days you just want to loaf and lounge around and be a Slowpoke.

▼ Starmie looking way more badass than I ever imagined possible.

▼ Are we sure that Taurus isn’t just a Pokémon version of this guy?

▼ Magikarp finally getting the dignified look it
deserves for having one of the best names of all Pokémon.

▼ The pointy costume on this anthropomorphized Zapdos has
the same legendary feeling as the electric bird itself.

▼ Dragonite always did strike me more as a
fun-loving, sassy Pokémon than a fighting brute.

What we have here is only the tip of the ice-type, so be sure to check out the rest of Tamtamdi’s designs at their official Facebook page.

And if you want to see another interpretation of Pokémon as humans, take a look at one other artist’s re-imagining of them as young men dressed in unique ways. I still haven’t gotten the images of that Zubat and Metapod out of my head to this day, in a good way.

Source: Facebook/Tamtamdi via Ranker
Featured image: Facebook/Tamtamdi