Followers seem more impressed by his armpit hair than they are by the dramatic change of look.

We’ve witnessed time and again the amazing power of makeup, and even how it can work surprisingly well on guys too. Well here is yet another guy, @y_cute_  on Twitter, who’s made a bit of a name for himself with some impressive makeup skills and his pretty-boy face.

He’s also done maid cosplay, and pulled off the look just as well as any woman would be able to. In fact, some of his followers even thought for sure that he actually was a girl.

Along with plans to start up a YouTube channel focusing on makeup techniques, @y_cute_ also promised his followers a look at his pure, unaltered face, a promise which he delivered upon on December 1.

“Thank you for 10,000 follows! As promised, I will expose my makeup-less face!! This is all me.”

Many were shocked by the transformation, but the reveal was overall well-received, even if it seemed his armpit hair got just as much attention as his face.

“So cool!”
“Makeup is an amazing thing isn’t it?”
“Such strong-looking armpit hair!”
“Your armpit hairs are growing like weeds.”
“I keep looking at your armpit hair, more than your face.”
“I’m so jealous! You’re beautiful + cute.”
“You’re just as I imagined. :) But I’m noticing your armpit hair more than your face. :)”

His first YouTube video appeared on his channel on December 6, in which he demonstrates how to do a double-eyelid look.

@y_cute_ seems poised to make even more makeup how-to videos for men, so if that is something you’re interested, give him a follow and subscribe!

Source: Twitter/@y_cute_ via Hamster Sokuhou 
Featured image: Twitter/@y_cute_