When this dog’s human siblings start to fight, he steps right in to put a stop to it.

No matter how well we get along with our family members, being in such close quarters with each other every day can eventually cause tensions to rise and fists or words to fly.

In the case of the two siblings in the video below, we’re not sure what exactly caused their quarrel to start. Their doggy brother – a Great Pyrenees named Bran – likely doesn’t know either, but what he does know is that he must stop the fighting!

While little brother swings his arms wildly, older brother uses his apparent karate training to block the hits and deliver a few blows himself. The whole time, Bran has his front paws around big brother’s torso, as if saying, “All right now, break it up!” before reprimanding the little brother too in turn.

Many people are asking why their guardian started recording instead of stepping in to stop the fight, while others defended the parent’s actions, saying that sometimes siblings need to learn to work things out themselves. No matter your school of thought, I think we all know that sibling rivalry will happen with or without outside intervention. Hopefully Bran was able to resolve this quarrel quickly, and that peace – however temporary – was restored.

As we’ve seen before, not all dogs are perfect purveyors of peace, but if more dogs – and people – can learn a lesson or two from Bran, perhaps we can move one step closer to widespread mutual understanding!

Source, top image: YouTube/河村健司 via 秒刊SUNDAY