Japanese publisher touts the “practical” purpose of its new book.

Given that one of the company’s flagship releases from last spring was How to Draw Panties, it’s probably a safe bet to expect bold things from Japanese publisher Ichijinsha. Even still, guests to your home will likely be surprised if they look at your bookshelf and see the newest Ichijinsha title: The Practical Guide to Taking Off a Girl’s Clothes.

The book’s flowery foreword reads:

“Beyond the process of taking off a girl’s clothes, many dreams unfold. What kind of clothing, and what manner of taking them off, makes a girl’s beauty shine most brightly? And what way of taking them off is your personal ideal?

Everyone will have different answers to these questions, and so this book was created. We hope that all of you holding this book in your hands will be able to find your ideal way of taking off a girl’s clothes.”

The contents are broken down into seven chapters, focusing on fashion subdivisions such as lingerie, school uniforms, and business attire. In total, 85 distinct articles of clothing are covered, including various types of bras, sailor suits, kimono, wedding dresses, maid outfits, bikini armor, flight suits, and cheongsams.

It’s a bit unclear exactly who the target market is for The Practical Guide to Taking Off a Girl’s Clothes. Each entry is accompanied by multiple anime-style illustrations, so fans of sexy Japanese animation can likely squeeze some enjoyment out of looking at the artwork (which occasionally includes exposed nipples). On the other side of the coin, all of those drawings could also be used as reference materials for artists looking to produce art of their own.


At the same time, the book does go into thorough detail about how each garment would be removed. The description for the above entry, for a back-hook bra, teaches:

“Unclasp the hooks that connect at the back, and the bra will no longer be bound to the body, making it simple to remove.”

A firm understanding of these processes would, of course, give budding artists a wider variety of poses to choose. That anime art-derived knowledge could also be applied, though, if sexy times were to ensue with a real-life woman (in which case, don’t forget to wear appropriate protection).

The Practical Guide to Taking Off a Girl’s Clothes is available here through Amazon Japan, priced at 2,052 yen (US$18) in physical release form and 1,620 yen for the Kindle version.

Source: IT Media
Images: Amazon Japan/ポストメディア編集部 (edited by RocketNews24)