These guys have perfected the art of cat cloaking.

Usually when cats attempt to camouflage themselves, they fail epically and adorably. But sometimes the little furballs do manage to pull off a pretty good ninja impersonation and blend into the background perfectly.

Here’s just a few examples from Japanese Twitter where cat owners shared the times their cats accidentally turned into chameleons:

▼ Hey that’s a pretty good rock cat statue! Oh. Wait. It’s real.

▼ Be careful not to accidentally slip any cats on your feet when you go outside!

▼ I am carpet now. You may vacuum my ninja belly please.

▼ Oh, I see the cat on the purse over there- wait. Never mind.

▼ Two ninja cat eyes staring back at you from the wall.

▼ These shoes… they are my family now.
I must protect them with my ninja skills.

▼ Did they buy the chair because it matched the cat
or the cat because it matched the chair?

▼ I think someone painted cat eyes on that wall over there….

▼ The highest-level ninja cat on the list,
probably going to become hokage of its village someday.

▼ Wait up! On second thought this ninja cat has it in the bag for sure.
(We’ve seen this one before, so click here if you can’t find the wood-stack shinobi.)

While some of these cats could certainly pass the Naruto ninja certification test, others should probably go back to the academy for some extra classes.

If you want to see more ninja cats pulling off cute tricks in even more ridiculous hiding places, we’ve got you covered. The best way to protect yourself from a ninja cat attack is to know their tricks… or just bribe them away with some tuna, that works too.

Source: Naver Matome
Featured image: Twitter@peco_4696