This boy’s sneezing is a lot more powerful than his animal species recognition.

This poor prairie dog from Okazaki City East Park Zoo in Aichi Prefecture has become an unintentional Internet sensation after getting the fright of its life from a human sneeze. Little prairie dog was just sitting back, chilling, relaxing, enjoying life, when some human decided to (accidentally) sneeze not far from its perch.

You can check out the awfully hilarious video here:

Not only does the prairie dog get the fright of its life, the boy (“Kimupan”) is also shocked by the effect of his powerful sneeze, and quickly apologizes to the prairie dog as it escapes back to the safety of its den.

Kimupan posted the video to Twitter on Saturday with the caption: “I frightened a meerkat with my sneeze. Haha. I’m sorry”. The tweet has already amassed over 110,000 retweets.

Of course, Kimupan’s animal identification blunder added to the hilarity of the post.

▼ The following day Kimupan posted, “It’s not a meerkat!!!!! It’s a prairie dog!!!!!”

▼ Meerkats do look somewhat similar to prarie dogs, though.


Here’s what some people have been saying online about that sneeze:

“I have a prairie dog for a pet and it makes the same noise when I sneeze.”
“This is too funny!”
“I laughed my head off. Haha. This is too cute.”
“I’ve watched this so many times. I’m addicted. Haha.”
“It’s cute… but it’s a prairie dog. Haha.”

Let’s hope this poor little prairie dog’s heart has recovered and the event hasn’t taken too many years off its life.

If you were hoping to get a glimpse of some meerkats, here are some adorable pet meerkats drawing a crowd while they play on the streets of Ginza.

Source: Twitter/@170cm
Feature image: Twitter/@170cm
Insert image: Wikipedia/CharlesjSharp