This behind-the-scenes look might make it seem like a tiny house of horrors, but the results are too cute for words!

Just like fashion, hobbies seem to come and go with the generations. What used to be strictly grandma’s pastimes, such as knitting, crocheting, and needle felted animals, all seem to be storming back as a creative outlet for youth today. Japanese Twitter users have already dazzled us with examples of their skills, with a horde of pets and an incredibly realistic wolf, but how needle felting actually works has remained more or less a mystery to many who haven’t tried it themselves. Luckily, Twitter user @nel_vicoletto is happy to show tons of photo examples on her feed that allow us to see how it’s done.

First, it takes an incredibly keen eye because many felt artists work in miniature. Second, while it all looks like one, tiny creation, the finished animal is made up of many different parts.

▼ You need a head to work on. These are also handmade.

▼ Then, you need to cover that head in the color of fur you’re going to use.

▼ Eventually, you’ll get something that looks like a cat head!

▼ Feet also need to be assembled…

▼ …as well as a tail.

▼ Now the parts can be connected together.

▼ Then, a ton of fur is added to the body.

▼ Through careful snipping, the fur can be made to the desired length and you’ll have your adorable miniature wool pet!

It’s pretty amazing that all these pieces fit together to make an object that looks so realistic. This process is certainly delicate, as one tiny mistake can make the whole art project go awry. With patience and a steady hand though, you’ll be able to produce a figure whose adorableness vastly dwarfs its size.

▼ Here are some of the completed works!

▼ Tiny kittens have a fancy chair to play on!

▼ This cat has a Cheshire Cat look about him.

▼ Got to have some bunny love too!

▼ This golden retriever and black lab are stunning in this outdoor scenery.

Whether you’re a hobby enthusiast or someone who enjoys looking at cute objects, the skills that are needed for needle felting are not to be overlooked. Be sure to check out @nel_vicoletto’s Twitter page for even more details in the process!

Source, images: Twitter/@nel_vicoletto