The highest art form is always one that you can eat.

We’ve seen some pretty unconventional origami before, with talented people making cool creations out of everything from chopstick sleeves to orange peels. But up until now, all works of origami art were lacking something that would immediately make them better: being able to eat them afterward.

Thankfully one Japanese startup is trying to change that. They’ve created “orinigiri” (a combination of origami and onigiri/rice balls), paper that shows you how to fold it so that you can create cool 3-D designs out of seaweed, rice, and your favorite fillings.

▼ Just put the seaweed over the paper, spread some
rice and fillings on it, then fold, and…


▼ …you can make cool Mt. Fuji,
“twin,” and “connected friend” onigiri!


▼ Here’s a video showing how the Mt. Fuji one is made.

▼ This one is an onigiri chidori (plover bird). You have to use your
imagination, but it looks super satisfying to take a giant bite out of.

▼ And one of the most impressive is these
three onigiri “friends” connected together.

As someone who loves onigiri but never feels like making them at home and never wants to pay to buy them pre-made at convenience stores, orinigiri seems like it might be a way to get me excited to fold up some seaweed and rice and rekindle my love with onigiri.

If you’re interested in seeing more orinigiri action, check out its crowfunding page over at Makuake.

And in the meantime if you want to see some paper craft that is a feast for your eyes instead of your stomach, take a look at some 3-D masterpieces cut out of a single piece of paper.

Source, images: Makuake/orinigiri
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