A behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at your granny’s house before you see her.

As time moves forward, our bodies and minds inevitably slow down a bit. It doesn’t happen to everyone, but you might note how some of your older relatives are not as spry or sharp-witted as you remember them being when you were younger.

However, when either the body or mind starts to fail, that doesn’t necessarily mean the other is on its way out as well. Your grandma might seem slow and plodding, but perhaps she reserves her energy for when she needs it most, like when she’s trying to figure out what present to get for her grandson whose birthday she forgot was today.

What starts off as a friendly phone call reminder from a daughter soon turns into a real physical whirlwind of anger and emotion as the non-imposing granny jumps, flips, and flails to find an immediate gift for her grandson’s birthday.

“Noooo, how do I turn back time?!”


▼ Engage rage flip powers.


▼ This is the classic “everything is horrible front flip”.


Turns out all the physicality is for naught, as she can simply find a suitable present online and ensure quick delivery thanks to NTT West, makers of this wild commercial. If the gift is purchased before 7:00 p.m. either by phone or through the Internet, it will be delivered to the desired address on the same day of the order.

▼ She is also skilled in the ways of technology.


It’s hard to take this super energetic and physically able grandma at face value, and when the actor comes up close to the camera, you can tell that they spent a fair amount of time making sure that the illusion of an old person would be difficult to see through.


As ridiculous and crazy as Japanese TV is, their commercials also hold a special place in our hearts for their creativity. Definitely put this commercial in the win column!

Source: ValuePress!
Images: YouTube/NTTWESTofficial