Tired of reading about lucky bags but not being able to own one? Well, courtesy of our Kenyan correspondent Luka Sunte some are up for grabs…but it won’t be easy to get one.

Yes, lucky-bag-fever has broken out in a Kenyan village and our Maasai Warrior correspondent (didn’t know we had one of those, did ya?) has stuffed some of his own for 2017. So in true fukubukuro fashion, let’s run down the contents:

Maasai Tribe Lucky Bag 2017

■ One zebra figure

 One rhino figurine

One elephant statuette

One giraffe plate

*NOTE: contents may vary somewhat

The price is a little high, at 5,000 yen (US$42) but the bulk of that is going into shipping. Our liaison Go Hatori tried talking Luka into lowering the price but it seemed he wouldn’t budge. However, there may have been a misunderstanding somewhere along the way.

If you would like to purchase one you can contact RocketNews24 on their request page with the header “ルカ福袋購入希望” (“Request for Luka’s Lucky Bag”). Bear in mind that this is being handled by the Japanese staff, so writing in Japanese will likely yield better results. Also, shipping outside of Japan may require additional charges.

▼ Like many leading fukubukuro, the bag itself is a unique collectable.

This offer is not a joke. However, as you can imagine, the logistics of buying a Maasai Tribe lucky bag through a Japanese broker is quite harrowing so don’t expect a speedy transaction. In fact, last year a similar bag was offered with six people submitting legitimate requests, but all of the orders are still awaiting delivery.

▼ The 2016 Maasai Lucky Bag

The current plan is for Hatori to swing by Luka’s Maasai village and pick them up someday. Afterward, he will then send them to their new owners from Japan. However, his schedule was a bear in 2016 and he couldn’t spare the time to travel to Kenya. He also makes no promises for 2017.

So failing that option, you could go there yourself to pick up the bag. Of course, you would also be expected to learn the ways of the Maasai and prove yourself by hunting a lion (simulated) as Hattori had and then gain the privilege of paying 5,000 yen for the bag. It’s a small price to pay for a truly intercontinental item.

Original article by Luka Sunte & Hatori Go
Photos: RocketNews24
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