Stay warm while living out the fantasies of Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, and the Wicked Witch.

The latest winter warmer trend gaining popularity all over Japan right now is the wearable blanket. We’ve seen comfy-looking varieties in the shape of cute characters, sailor-style school uniforms and even a bright yellow tempura, but now there’s a brand new range from novelty goods manufacturer Village Vanguard that’s set to send us broke, featuring a number of beautiful designs modelled on well-known fairytale characters.

▼ Who knew blankets could look this good?


There are four designs to choose from in the collection. First up we have a gorgeous, beige-laced red fleecy item modelled on the style of Little Red Riding Hood. With its beautifully decorated attached hood, this is one of the warmest products in the entire range.


▼ Next up is a wearable blanket that takes its inspiration from the star of Alice in Wonderland.


The pale-blue one-piece can be worn with or without a soft, frilly pinafore. This outfit is best enjoyed with a cup of warm tea and some sweet snacks, to really make you feel like you’ve gone down the rabbit hole.


▼ Those who prefer to walk on the dark side of fairytales will fall in love with the jet-black Witch Dress.


You don’t have to be an evil queen to wear this dark number, though, especially if you wear it with a big red ribbon like the friendly adolescent witch from Studio Ghibli’s Kiki’s Delivery Service.


▼ The final item in the collection features the iconic costume of Snow White.


This white-and-navy outfit features a red lace-up section on the front and matching red ribbons around the wrists. Poisonous apple not included.


Not only are all the items in collection beautifully designed, they’re said to be incredibly warm too. The soft and fleecy blanket-like material covers the arms and legs, while the roomy A-line design means there’s no pressure on the mid-section, allowing it to spread out around the wearer like a self-warming kotatsu heater.


All the wearable blankets in the fairytale series retail for 9,169 yen (US$79.23) each and are available from Village Vanguard. Delivery within Japan is scheduled for the end of February, but if you can’t wait until then, you might want to take a look at some of their other inspiring roomwear collections.

Source: Net Lab
Top image: Village Vanguard
Insert images: Village Vanguard (1, 2, 3, 4)