This is the luckiest win at an arcade game we’ve ever seen!

Inside the brightly lit, noise-filled arcade centres around Japan are crane game machines called “UFO Catchers”, which continually draw customers to their glass windows with an enticing array of prizes. Hungry for coins, these games might look like an easy way to win merchandise, but they’ve actually been known to give players the rough end of the stick, with their pitifully weak claws constantly failing to deliver items, no matter how deftly they’re manoeuvred.

Some UFO Catchers make it even more difficult to win prizes by adding some extra hurdles to the simple catch-and-deliver concept, like this one, which requires a ping-pong ball to land perfectly in the very middle hole of a metal okonomiyaki octopus ball maker. Twitter user @_F_L_3_5_ actually succeeded with the impossible-looking task, only the way it happened is so random it’s being called a miracle.

Take a look at the miraculous win below:

That was definitely a lucky turn of events! Not only did the UFO Catcher actually pick up a ping-pong ball from the tray, which is a feat in itself…

It also dropped the ball in a perfect position, with just the right amount of force, to make it rebound into the tray of the crane game next to it. And it didn’t just drop into any hole here; it landed dead centre, in the spot required to win a prize.

As another stroke of luck, the arcade game staff didn’t deny the player a prize. Although he hadn’t put any coins into this game, which was filled with large plushies, the ball did land into it, so the player received one of the big soft toys and presented it to his niece when he returned home.

Given the trajectory of the ball, it makes sense to think that the player’s next step would be to feed coins into this game, in the hope of a reverse rebound into the tray where the Electric Mirror Ball and Death Note notebook prizes were being offered. According to @_F_L_3_5_ though, he felt he’d used up all his luck for the year in that one miraculous event, so he decided not to push it. Probably a wise decision, seeing as Ryuk from the Death Note series was probably hanging around the machine watching to make sure nobody took up ownership of his powerful note book.

Source: Kinisoku
Featured image: Twitter/@_F_L_3_5_