Is it a golden joystick? A cushion with a handle so you don’t fall over?

Lucky bags can have pretty much anything inside of them, as we discovered when we opened up approximately a billion of them during this year’s lucky bag roundup. And when we say “anything,” we mean “anything,” even things that you might not have any idea what they are.

That’s what happened to Japanese Twitter user @harukawa when she opened up her lucky bag and got this inside:

“Someone please tell me what this thing is used for.
Me and my husband don’t know what to do.”

Um, uh… er, well, you see… actually… you know what? How about we just let the internet handle this one.

▼ One person thought it was a hat holder, but when @harukawa tried to put a hat on it, it was too weak to do much besides fall over flaccid.

▼ Someone else thought it was a cushion for pushin’ through other circular pillows

▼ Another idea was to use it on a donut-shaped stool by placing the pointy end facing up, er, down through the hole, so that it would stay in place.

Other ideas were thrown around such as it being a cushion to help make sitting seiza style (sitting on your shins with your knees in front of you) more comfortable, or it being a mushroom pillow for when you need to decorate your living room as a forest, or using it as a pole for playing ring toss.

News about the mystery gift spread so far that it even hit Japanese TV. You can view the clip here:

▼ They spend a few minutes wondering what the heck it is, then reveal the item’s use at 1:25 straight from the maker themselves.

What is it used for? It’s just a funny, strange cushion. It was originally produced in 2013 and has no special function outside of being a conversation piece, which it certainly succeeds at.

▼ Of course this all makes sense considering it came from a Village Vanguard lucky bag, a store known for its bizarre novelty goods.

Well that’s one lucky bag mystery closed. Now if we could only figure out what the heck a four-armed shirt was doing in another one, we’d be all set. Are there any Machamps out there in need of a sweater?

Source, featured image: Twitter/@harukawa